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VTTI Bio-Energy Tilburg

Explainer animation

VTTI is working towards a sustainable future with VTTI Bio-Energy Tilburg. In the Netherlands we generate a lot of organic residual flows and manure. VTTI Bio-Energy Tilburg converts these residual flows into sustainable products, such as green gas and organic fertilizer pellets.

The animation shows how this process works and how it contributes to a better future.

TenneT Zuid-West 380 kV Oost

YUNO Project Atlas

TenneT is planning to buit a new above ground 380kV connection between Rilland and Tilburg.  

Commisioned by TenneT, XKP made a Yuno Project Atlas of the route for the new connection. 

A16 Rotterdam

Road Project Information Map

Starting 2019, the A16 Rotterdam will be built on the northern edge of the city. The new route runs through four areas with different types of landscape; Polder, Intermezzo, Bos and Rotte and Stedelijk.

Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat, XKP created a Road Project Information Map for the 11 kilometer long new road. Birdseye panoramas and panoramas at eye level explain how the road is fitted into the surrounding environment and which measures Rijkswaterstaat is planning to take in each of the areas to prevent noise pollution.


Explainer animation

In the H-vision project, 16 parties, including Shell, BP, Port of Rotterdam and Gasunie, are working together to investigate the feasibility of the production and application of Blue Hydrogen to achieve a step change in emissions in the Rotterdam port area.
XKP produced an animation that clearly explains how Blue Hydrogen makes path for Green Hydrogen. The animation is used in the project website, on social media and for presentations.

PHS Meteren-Boxtel

YUNO Project Atlas

In the coming years, Prorail will adapt the track between Utrecht and Eindhoven. This is necessary to be able to continue to transport the growing number of train passengers. In addition, extra space is also needed for the growing freight transport. In the future, this will go to Meteren via the Betuweroute and then also use this route.

The Project Atlas not only shows the impact of the future situation, but also that of the construction period. In addition, various map layers provide insight into the measures that Prorail is taking to limit noise polution.