A16 Rotterdam

Road Project Information Map

Starting 2019, the A16 Rotterdam will be built on the northern edge of the city. The new route runs through four areas with different types of landscape; Polder, Intermezzo, Bos and Rotte and Stedelijk.

Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat, XKP created a Road Project Information Map for the 11 kilometer long new road. Birdseye panoramas and panoramas at eye level explain how the road is fitted into the surrounding environment and which measures Rijkswaterstaat is planning to take in each of the areas to prevent noise pollution.

PHS Meteren-Boxtel

YUNO Project Atlas

In the coming years, Prorail will adapt the track between Utrecht and Eindhoven. This is necessary to be able to continue to transport the growing number of train passengers. In addition, extra space is also needed for the growing freight transport. In the future, this will go to Meteren via the Betuweroute and then also use this route.

The Project Atlas not only shows the impact of the future situation, but also that of the construction period. In addition, various map layers provide insight into the measures that Prorail is taking to limit noise polution.

VTTI Bio-Energy Tilburg

Explainer animation

VTTI is working towards a sustainable future with VTTI Bio-Energy Tilburg. In the Netherlands we generate a lot of organic residual flows and manure. VTTI Bio-Energy Tilburg converts these residual flows into sustainable products, such as green gas and organic fertilizer pellets.

The animation shows how this process works and how it contributes to a better future.


Explainer animation

In the H-vision project, 16 parties, including Shell, BP, Port of Rotterdam and Gasunie, are working together to investigate the feasibility of the production and application of Blue Hydrogen to achieve a step change in emissions in the Rotterdam port area.
XKP produced an animation that clearly explains how Blue Hydrogen makes path for Green Hydrogen. The animation is used in the project website, on social media and for presentations.

TenneT Zuid-West 380 kV Oost

YUNO Project Atlas

TenneT is planning to buit a new above ground 380kV connection between Rilland and Tilburg.  

Commisioned by TenneT, XKP made a Yuno Project Atlas of the route for the new connection. 

Oosterweel Connection - Antwerp

Road Project Information Map

XKP visual engineers has visualized the Oosterweel Connection, the so called left part of it. Using the Road Project Information Map, the user is ablee to discover the new plans as a whole, plus parts of it using the areal panorama pictures. In these present and future can be compared. The pictures give a good view on how the impact is going to be for the future.

In the visuals not only the road and intersections are presented, also the plan on how to integrate the green design is highly detailed. The intersections are big and complpex, for a better understaning traffic is added. Plus visuals from architects on intersections and other designs are intergrated in the application.

Marker Wadden

Explainer Animation

The Marker Wadden is a nature reserve in development. The islands are constructed with sand, clay and silt from the Markermeer.

XKP visual engineers, commissioned by Vista and Boskalis, produced an animation about the future nature reserve. The animation consists of three parts; an introduction to the design, an explanation of the development technique and a glance into the future of the Marker Wadden. XKP constructed a 3D visualization model based on elevation maps and sketches of the islands.

Ring Utrecht

Road Project Information Map

Rijkswaterstaat plans to upgrade the Ring Utrecht. The ring road has a total length of 24 kilometers and consists of sections of three highways and two complex junctions.

The Road Project Information Map is a very effective tool for visualizing such a large scale road project. Users can zoom in on the route from one large overview. The side bar gives extra and more detailed information about all the different parts of the route on different zoom levels. This enables people living in the vicinity of the highway to easily find the information that they are looking for: how does this upgrade affect my personal situation?

A9 Badhoevedorp – Holendrecht

Project animations

For the road project A9 Badhoevedorp – Holendrecht XKP also produced several animations that are used by Rijkswaterstaat for stakeholder engagement.

The project animation, produced to support the publication of the preliminary design report, gives a clear introduction of the project and explains the plans for all three highway sections. The animation on the new traffic square near Amstelveen shows the future driving routes.

A9 Badhoevedorp – Holendrecht

Road Project Information Map

Rijkswaterstaat plans to upgrade the A9 between Badhoevedorp and Holendrecht to a four lane highway. Near Amstelveen the road will run through a 1,3 kilometer long underpass.

The Road Project Information Map let’s users compare the existing and future situation. Photo montages give a clear insight into the upcoming changes, especially near Amstelveen where the surrounding area will undergo a real transformation. The Noise Level Map shows the measures Rijkswaterstaat will take to prevent further sound pollution.

New Delft

3D City Map

The area around Delft station is undergoing a big transformation now that the railway viaduct that ran through the city has been demolished.

Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Spoorzone Delft commissioned XKP to make an interactive 3D city map to provide insight into the development of the masterplan for Nieuw Delft. The map shows a 3D visualisation of the plan, edited into an an aerial view of the project location. Users can zoom in on the image and find additional information by clicking on the different buildings blocks.

US Wind -Sparrow Point

Explainer animation

A new industry, Offshore Wind, is coming to Sparrow Point. This place once played an important role in the history of the United States, but the steel mill closed a long time ago. US wind plans to produce the components needed to build a major offshore wind energy project in the Atlantic Ocean, miles off the coast of Maryland.

The animation shows the history of the Sparrow Point yards and gives a glimpse into the future.

Northern Ring Road Utrecht

Project Information

The municipality of Utrecht plans to overhaul the Northern Ring Road Utrecht to improve traffic flow. Motorists now cut through residential areas to avoid traffic jams.

The animation for the NRU explains why action is needed and shows the project plans.
Short animations explain how traffic flow will be improved by separating ongoing and local traffic.

Port of Rotterdam Carbon Capture & Storage

explainer animation

Port of Rotterdam, Gasunie and EBN are working together on a plan to capture the waste carbon dioxide emissions from the ports industry and storing it in a empty gas field in the North Sea.

XKP produced a short animation that explains what the plan entails and why Carbon Capture & Storage is much needed. The animation was published to support the newsitem on the completion of the feasibility study and was used by online media in their news items.

Vessel Viewer

Interactive Productviewer

Jumbo is a heavy lift shipping and offshore transportation & installation contractor.

XKP developed a vessel viewer for the introduction of a new Stella Synergy vessel. In the online application users can view the design for the new vessel and find information about the most important specifications and the markets where the vessel can operate. The viewer is very suitable for use on touchscreens and can be used on the website, at presentations and at trade fairs.

Platform Nexstep


The Netherlands is undergoing a transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. The existing oil and gas production infrastructure will become obsolete. Platform Nexstep has the ambition to stimulate re-use and collaboration in decommissioning of this infrastructure.

Commissioned by EBN, one of the founders of the Nexstep platform, XKP made an animation for the start-event on which the platform was presented. The animation is now being used in presentations and on the Nexstep website.

Adriatic Tank Terminal


VTTI is building a new tank terminal for the Adriatic in the port of Ploče.

To be able to introduce the future terminal to potential customers, VTTI commissioned XKP to make an animation. For the animation, 3D images of the new terminal were projected into drone images of the project location. Textlabels, overlayed on the visuals, give information about the key specifications and construction phasing of the terminal.

Tunnel Safety

Instruction Animations

In tunnel safety there are many parties involved; emergency services, operators, road inspectors and of course road users.

Animations are a great tool to instruct and inform a large group of people in a consistent and unambiguous manner. XKP has already produced instruction animations for projects such as the Ketheltunnel and the Maasttunnel in Rotterdam and the Koning Willem-alexandertunnel in Maastricht. The animations are used in the training courses for tunnel personnel and emergency services.



Bayards, specialized in the design and construction of aluminum helidecks for the offshore industry, has a new service: BayardsUP. BayardsUP is your go-to partner for inspections, maintenance and upgrades for on- and offshore helicopter landing platforms.

XKP created an animation that is used online and at trade fairs to introduce the service to (potential) customers.